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Intrusion B4

A 3CP Attack/Defend map that centers around preventing doomsday

  1. Harritron

    On the coast of a jungle island, a secret RED "office" is intercepted by BLU.

    As the mercenaries infiltrate, they discover the secret RED holds. Vast loads of weapons shipments, spytech equipment deep down into the Earth, medical experiences gone wrong (and that eez how I lost my medical license), climate control techniques, and the most important of all, missiles capable of mass destruction.

    In fact, the countdown for the doomsday rocket has started ticking down. If BLU fails to capture all the control points, the missile will launch and the end of the world will be upon us (yes, even you Merasmus). Each captured control point adds extra time to the doomsday timer, and capping the second point will stop the launch! Will BLU be able to do it? Or will RED's mercenaries defeat them first?


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