Indulge 2015-10-01


  1. Vilepickle
    Finally final!

    Indulge is a completely original, Sawmill-themed 5CP map that is very fun on public servers. It does not stalemate as much as traditional 5CP maps on public servers, and uses height more than most 5CP maps. The map comes off the heels of my other 5CP map that has made it into many leagues. I consider Indulge to be a refinement of my experience on cp_follower, and playtesting has shown the map has a lot of variation and strategies. The development cycle was long, and there was plenty of time for anyone who wished to submit their feedback. I listened to everyone, even if they did present things that weren't implemented.



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Recent Reviews

  1. Lampenpam
    Version: rc
    Solid 5cp map.