Indigo A2

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Indigo A2

Battle for control of an underground shipping depot over a deadly pit (baby's first map)

(Baby's first map)

Indigo Shipping Co, we ship grain, farm equipment, and nothing else!

Is the state inspector gone? Okay good.

Welcome to Indigo Shipping Co, weapons development, manufacturing, and shipping company! The Administrator can't rely on Mann Co for everything, and we're happy to pick up some of the slack! Keep that under wraps, though, 'kay pal?
We treat our employees well, and nothing says "company benefits" like regular breaks from work to watch some idiots fight in a pre-designated part of the facility! Some come on, Team Fortress, and fight over control of some crates of supplies above a massive pit! Winner gets what's in the crates~

Major Features of Indigo
- Control point balanced precariously over a massive pit
- Catwalks below the point so getting pushed off by a Pyro isn't too frustrating (and landing on a small catwalk is rewarded by full health & ammo on your way up)
- Lots of changes in elevation and high ceilings
- Flank route to soon be guarded by trains

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and thanks for reading!
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    Changes in A2 - Removed a health & ammo pack that were too close to spawn and aided spawn campers - Added an extra route out of spawn to combat the fact that all three spawn exits led you through one room with two exits (This and those health and...