Improved Spawn Prefab A8

Extra Spawn Start

  1. FishyUberMuffin
    This is a spawn start prefab that is base off of Fr0z3n's Map Start- Up Prefab but this have more things added and changed, also used Bunbun's The Epic Door Prefab for the doors. Used Beef Bucket's Horizontal Sliding Door Prefab for the horizontal sliding doors. I used ThatOneOwl's Detailed Spawn Prefab for the spawn building. I used ISPuddy's Matchmaking Competitive Setup for the competitive stage. Used TMB's All Environment for the extra environments.
    - Changed the R.S.C to use be used by ether team
    - Changed the light_environment to use Hydro lighting due to nobody wanting a no bright map
    - Changed the env_fog_controller to be disable and the Far Z Clip Plane to be -1
    - Added Prop Doors because everyone needs spawn doors in there spawns
    - Added color walls to determine which side is for which team
    - Added Areaportals
    - Added Competitive Area
    - Added Respawn Buidling
    - Added More Environments

    fnaf 6.PNG end of fnaf.PNG

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