Ido Furnace

Ido Furnace a2

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Ido Furnace a2

Push and Pull PD

Due to a series of tragic workplace accidents, this old sawmill has become haunted, a natural fount of lost souls from the underworld. This attracted Red and Blu to build establish facilities on the site because as it turns out, souls are a powerful and seemingly unlimited fuel source!

Ido Furnace (working title) is an old, unreleased KotH layout repurposed for a new take on PD. Neutral flags (souls) spawn at mid and must be delivered to the enemy base to score. Overload the enemy's soul furnace and blow it up! It's like invade CTF with a lot of flags.

This is intended as an entry to MCL's Spookfest Contest, but since it is an old layout, it doesn't actually qualify. Regardless, I am using the contest as motivation to develop the map / gamemode, and I'm hoping that MCL still judges my map even if it cannot win.
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Latest updates

  1. a2

    -changed flag spawning mechanics: --flags spawn in a random location near mid --all flags are worth same score --upper mid spawns every 4 seconds, lower mid spawns every 8 seconds -adjusted cap rate (from .55 with .025 offset to .40 with 0...