Icecap A3

Blow up RED's TNT supply in a ski course.

  1. Alpha Three

    Alternating Current
    Sorry for the problem with cp_coldmill in the IMP.

    - Redid BLU spawn and reoriented it.
    - Added another pït
    - Played a bit with the lighting again.
    - Added more rocks

    - f̵̢̳͉̟́̆́̽̏̈̌̿͌̋r̴̩̞͉̼̹͝o̵̯̩̫͇̬͘͜g̴̞̜͖̣͉̼͊́̑̓̈́͐̓̓'

    - Clipped the railings
    - Moved points around a bit

    Screenies outdated, but it doesn't really matter, since not much changed.
  2. shid

    Alternating Current
    Fixed enabled kill trigger

    Did a thing with lighting

    Moved the track over a little bit around B

    I'm so sorry you had to play this shit.
  3. Stuff I guess.

    Alternating Current
    I regret to inform you that this map is alive and well.

    • Map no longer looks like toxic waste, but it sure will play that way!
    • Moved RED's first spawn back.
    • Added BLU high ground at second.
    • Rebuilt a set of "Hospitals" near the second point.
    • Completely redid the last point - it is no longer a dinky little mountaintop silo.

    20191123150404_1.jpg 20191123150503_1.jpg 20191123150552_1.jpg 20191123150429_1.jpg ...
  4. File Update

    Alternating Current
    Quickly updated the file to use the A1 file, not the dev file.