Icecap A3

Blow up RED's TNT supply in a ski course.

  1. Alternating Current
    You know how first maps are generally bad? This one takes the cake.

    Icecap is a single-stage payload map set in a ski resort. The goal is to blow up RED's TNT supply - and cause an avalanche.

    Immediate feedback is not required (stuff like broken RRVIS, respawns, displacements, etc...) but would be nice before I playtest the map.

    20191123150440_1.jpg 20191123150602_1.jpg 20191123150503_1.jpg 20191123150552_1.jpg 20191123150510_1.jpg 20191123150429_1.jpg 20191123150608_1.jpg 20191123150404_1.jpg 20191123150614_1.jpg 20191123150632_1.jpg

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