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Iceberg _a3

Its frozen and freakin' amazing!

  1. [Soap] SteelCroix
    Its easier if you play it yourself ;)

    But you have a beautiful environment with three spawn doors to take. 2 are for the lower and one is the high cliff. Once you get out of the spawn court yard you will see a large building that has an interior exterior and a stalactite to trimp or jump off of. Another thing you will notice are the railroad with train on it attempting to run you over. A death pit is also present on the opposite side. The control point is a large building with an underground route a catwalk to the roof, two large liquid containers for cover and some stairs going to the lower part of the building. 20170516215928_1.jpg 20170516215939_1.jpg 20170516215947_1.jpg 20170517175408_1.jpg 20170517175455_1.jpg 20170517175503_1.jpg 20170517175518_1.jpg 20170517175540_1.jpg 20170517175609_1.jpg 20170517175614_1.jpg 20170517175621_1.jpg 20170517175630_1.jpg 20170517175648_1.jpg 20170517175710_1.jpg 20170517175713_1.jpg 20170517175720_1.jpg 20170517175732_1.jpg 20170517175821_1.jpg

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