Ice burg _a2

A Cold Loading Dock of Sorts

  1. [Soap] SteelCroix
    This is a loading bay cold themed map that resembles a loading bay, with a cargo Train, Death pit, Under ground routes and more! First off the two spawns are placed nicely with three routes to go off of; A large ramp, Central drive and a sideways route leading to the death pit. Next is a large radio tower with 2 stories and catwalks to the top of the control point. The Control point has 6 entrances and exits from a catwalk from the death pit two doors on each side and one from the train's path. A catwalk is overhead with a small health kit leading to the opposite tower. Near the death pit is entrance way that goes under the control point with exits on both sides allowing for some intense close quarters battles. The train also has a huge frozen water lake under neath it the damages you as you stay inside of it. Huge icebergs allow form some random and inserting game play as players try to dominate some of the vital icebergs. In all the map is meant to be a free roam map with lots of possible routes and options.


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