Huwnewpayloadmap a2a

Another huwareyou payload map, but this time it's good!

  1. a2a

    a2a update:

    I was excited to test my map again after months, only to find that the cart got stuck and the visualisers were weird :(. Hoping this mini update of sorts will aim to remedy this and make parts of my map less bad.

    - Hopefully fixed the cart getting stuck.
    - Changed Red respawn wave time from 9 to 6 after A is captured.
    - Changed Blu respawn wave time from 1 to 5 after A is captured.
    - The insanely short Blu respawn wave time before was because I forgot to increase it after...
  2. a2

    a2 update:

    This was initially going to be an a1a update, but after I fixed the small problems I decided to go all out on feedback.

    - Removed ALL displacements.
    - Added a third exit to Blu’s initial spawn.
    - Re-scaled and aligned all textures and fixed up some sloppy brushwork.
    - Redesigned the area to the right of the track around A.
    - Added a resupply cabinet at Red’s final spawn (Sorry guys, the meme is dead :( )
    - Redesigned the routing into B, added a new flank route.
    - Capturing A...