Hoovy Dam b8

Hydro X Powerhouse X Robots

  1. Blade x64
    It's a robot map with gates and jump pads.


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Recent Reviews

  1. kelpto18505
    Version: b8
    i love it map is 10/10
  2. g00dDog
    Version: b8
    Like many maps, this one is really fragmented. There are too many levels, turns, and approaches-all good ideas, but too many convergeing choke points, connfusing fan transports, turns, and obstacles. Take a great idea, and oversize it to frustrate your attempts to cover the choking approaches. This should heave been edited down, and a few constructive shortcut pathways CLOSED OFF. With a top notch team of players, it's a grueling struggle. Too many good ideas are a bad thing. there were too many developers unwilling to cut out there contribution or agree, which makes this over complicated and too big for it's own good. We added it to our map list, but we are usually just exhausted and spent playing this monster.