Hoovy Dam b8

Hydro X Powerhouse X Robots

  1. Blade x64
    It's a robot map with gates and jump pads.


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Recent Reviews

  1. g00dDog
    Version: b8
    Too many good ideas are a bad thing. There were too many developers unwilling to cut out their contribution, or decide whose idea to save for another map. This makes for an over-complicated map mission for 6 player minimums. It's possibly too big for it's own good. We added it to our map list, but we are usually just exhausted and spent playing this monster. I revised and redownloaded this map hoping to see adjustments for the Allgood mvm server. We play like a team so you don't have to.
  2. Anonymous
    Version: b8
    Played this a while back, thought it was a fun departure with lots of interesting ideas. Custom mvm maps can afford to try nonstandard elements like launch pads, forward spawns, or just a layout you can sink your teeth into. My only complaint may be the theme feeling too similar to Hydro without any custom content to set it apart. Visually strong however, and the expansive battlefield set it apart from other maps for me.
  3. kelpto18505
    Version: b8
    i love it map is 10/10