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Homestead "rc"1

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Homestead "rc"1

A CTF map for the 2020 72 Hour Jam

There's eight and a half minutes left as I type this, so I'll be brief

CTF Homestead is a map that SHOULD be a CTF map but I just remembered that I somehow made an entire map without ever putting the actual gamemode logic in. I'll fix that soon, but I don't think I can put it in in seven minutes, so please pretend that there's an actual functioning gamemode. I mean, hey, CTF was always played as a Team Deathmatch mode anyways, right?

I can't believe I forgot the game mode. The actual game mode.

So sorry about that, but at least this is my first real map. I just got into mapping the other week, so I'm incredibly inexperienced. Life story aside, here's a map that I've literally never even run. Seriously. I don't have time at this point, I'm sorry. I'll come back and fix whatever needs to be fixed later, but five minutes and counting is not the time.

Oh yeah and since I've never run it there's also no images
A Cat Lacking Braincells
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