Holiday Outhouse A1

Two houses in the middle of the forest (there will be trees, I promise).

  1. Cat in the Grey Sweater
    A1 of my first map: two vacation houses in the forest. I opted for a smaller map, so I could pack more thought into less geometry, though I might expand it. I got a little exited and started a little texture and prop placement, so yeah, A1.


    1. 01-Thumb.PNG
    2. 02-overview.PNG
    3. 03-blu spawn.PNG
    4. 04-spawn court.PNG
    5. 05-living.PNG
    6. 06-stairs.PNG
    7. 07-team killcam.PNG
    8. 08-exit to mid.PNG
    9. 09-balcony view.PNG
    10. 10-mid.PNG