Hillgal A1

A 1cp arena map with an Upward theme

  1. League_Heavy
    How long has it been since I posted a map?

    arena_hillgal is a 1cp arena map that uses an Upward theme. Inspiration for this map has came from Ravine, and somewhat from Suijin.
    Ever since I hated Basetop I wanted to step back and do a more simple gamemode, arena was a good choice for me.

    The capture point is in a storage house that has entrances, with 4 (cap activated) doors.
    The docks have a medium health kit near a deathpit, with it also being near a plank bridge that leads into the cap.
    The "walled bridge" (I don't know what to call it,) leads towards the top area of the cap, with a medium ammopack underneath it.

    This is an ALPHA map so feedback is grateful!


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