Highwood b19 - repacked

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Saw this on a community server and played a few rounds. It is hands down one of the most gorgeous tf2 maps i've played, it is a bit chokey near last though
This is one of those maps that screenshot's really just can't do justice. So many places are just lovely to look at. only way to put it. Also, some things really must've been a pain in the arse to make, so hats off to asd.
with work this map could be amazing imma just say that. first off spawn seems really hard to defend with it only getting slightly easier to defend after 1st point. after that 2nd is pretty good but what i love about it is the hill the cart rolls down. ive had that idea for a while and im glad someone used it. i love the 2 giant tree pillars especially the one with the spawn near it. the 3rd point is probally the neatest point yet i really do like it. now last. where do i start with last. we talk a strait dive down then a have to climb a steep hill all the way to the last platform while the entire time we would probally be bombarded from the hall above or just people looking over, not to mention how trapable last is. other then that this map is pretty good.
thank you for detailed feedback. Yes it's pretty apparent that the last point was not tested enough to balance it out well just yet. Although it's a bit difficult to decide what to do with that part. 2nd point had the most testing so it's pretty much polished. I'm not sure what to do with the first point though since I dont really want red to win at the first point but at the same time, I want it to be slightly more defendable.