Medieval Highschool 2023-03-23

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reupload to possibly fix broken download
Fixes for version a8d - March 7, 2023
- Probable fix for the 32-player crash on end of round. It was a max-edicts issue. I was able to remove 175 edicts by optimising some complex logic using vscript, which should be enough, hopefully...
- Fix for the visualizer for the player-monster not updating per ghost, and not updating to the name location in the basement. Also add a visualizer for the rune-room. Also add a solid-visualizer guarding the keyboard, so that the player-monster can't mess with what humans are typing. Also fix the monster name sometimes being angled the wrong way in the basement.
- Fix for default player-monster music not looping correctly, also fix it being possible to select an incorrect song. You now also do not need to lock-in your music selection, you simply press a music selection and it will give you that in the match.
- When the player-monster choosing-type timer expires it now just teleports the player-monster onto the start teleport rather than slowly damaging them.
- Player-monster now deals a bit less damage so it takes 3 hits to kill humans (instead of 2).
- Fix a problem where some staircases had broken navmesh.
-- I was optimising entities by spawning them in, and was using func_door to spawn in some non-solid details that can be spawned from a template (func_brush/illusionary don't work in templates), but it turns out func_door blocks nearby navmesh when it's 'closed'. Replaced these with func_lod.
- possible fix for broken far-z settings on fog in hell/dungeon.
- keep the blue flag outline on all the time to help with waypoints.
- reduce time the lights go out for in coop mode from 10s to 5s.
- make the dungeon fog less intense, and put more blue arrows to the 'core' of the dungeon. also replace one of the fences with a crouch-route to help players get around.
- the playermonster classes now give varying amounts of maxhealth. big monster = 300 health, fast monster = 200 health, goblino = 100 health. default = 150 health.
- update descriptive texts for the player-monster classes. it's more overwhelming now, but it provides all information.
Version a8

- New objective flow, capture 3 ghosts, then find the name in the basement. Objective arrows point to the general location of the ghosts, and to the Rune Device in the basement.
- The lights no longer pulse on/off, they just stay on after a haunt starts (they briefly turn off).
- The playermonster music is quieter, and you can only choose hl1/hl2 music until nightmare-difficulty is completed which unlocks the silly music choices.
- Playermonster has viewmodel/body update.
- All players will play as heavy class now, and all players join red team. The playermonster joins blue team automatically. This class restriction means the race to the portal is more fair, and that the playermonster visuals will be consistent. The wearables are also removed from the playermonster.
- Playermonster default behavior (no class selected) is now that Taunting every 60s will turn off the lights in the school for 10s.
- Playermonster will now see the general hurt-area of the proximity damage zones near ghosts/the-name.
- Lots of detail updates, in general probably this is the last detail update. Hopefully the last map update, but I suspect some bugs will pop up.