Heron's really stupid sign edits

Heron's really stupid sign edits V2

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Heron's really stupid sign edits V2

All of the danger sign edits you didn't ask for!

I made some edits of the sign084 texture, better known as the DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE | KEEP OUT sign

This pack contains 7 signs as of the first release, including 2 signs that can be used in more serious maps

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The .ZIP contains a folder to create your own sign as well, the font is Arial Bold

To have these in your map, simply pop the sign_edit folder into your tf\custom folder and search sign_edit in your texture browser. Go nuts y'all
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    After a grueling 14 days of you definitely waiting for an update, I more than doubled the number of signs including more serious signs! The sign tally now sits at 15, with new sign highlights such as DANGER: OHIO, and INTRUDER ALERT: A RED SPY...