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  1. velvy
    ooooh aaaaaah

    This is my entry for the TF2Maps 72hr Summer Jam 2020! Painfully created over the course of around 10 hours.

    Alpha 1 Screenshots

    20200906234221_1.jpg 20200906234227_1.jpg 20200906234245_1.jpg 20200906234231_1.jpg 20200906234208_1.jpg 20200906234241_1.jpg 20200906234212_1.jpg 20200906234310_1.jpg 20200906234300_1.jpg 20200906234316_1.jpg 20200906234251_1.jpg 20200906234357_1.jpg 20200906234407_1.jpg 20200906234114_1.jpg

    Comments and feedback are appreciated, see you around!
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