Helltrain v2

Helltrain v2 rc8b

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Helltrain v2 rc8b

Continuation of ctf_helltrain

I made ctf_helltrain_v2 last year but named it ctf_hearth, which isnt as cool sounding as ctf_helltrain.
This version has a lot of performance and layout improvements
Ill make this page look cooler when I get to rc
First release
Last update
Capture The Flag

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Latest updates

  1. Minor update

    Added pumpkin bombs Removed teleport to mid effect when the roller coaster happens Visual touch ups
  2. Bug fix

    -Fixed a couple missing things at mid
  3. Bug fixes for stalemate gamemode


Latest reviews

This map takes me back to seeing ctf_convoy in TF2's early life, and I'm certain was Helltrain's inspiration. The time and effort put into this must be astronomical; I saw that "mapping all day makes Jack a dull boy" Easter egg. Plenty of details are here I enjoy that also help balance CTF.

The spawn portals help keep flag room control, a timer exists to prevent endless rounds, and there are jump pads for mobility in middle. I like that Halloween helps justify the outlandish ideas too.

Aesthetically, I love the atmosphere and technical prowess displayed with the dynamic 3D skybox and soundscapes. There's lots to unpack here with creativity and ambition, it's no wonder I bought a map stamp because I want to support people coming up with creative and innovative ideas.