Helix B2a

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We were allowed to post this one final update for the contest.

~~Map Changelog~~
- Added cubemaps
- Fixed a small bug with the hatch chicken wire
~~Map Changelog~~
- Bombs no longer reset after a period of time
- Detailed as much as time allowed us.
- Added a normal difficulty mission, named "Adobe Assault".
- A write-up of both this and the intermediate mission "Desert Destruction" will be available soon.
- Other changes

~~Intermediate Mission Changelog~~
- Reduced starting cash to 800 (from 1000)
- Sentry Busters now spawn after 50 sentry kills
- Added two robots at the start of Waves 1, 3, and 5 that spawn at both side simultaneously, each with a bomb. They drop no cash.
- (Wave 1 - Type 1 and 2 Delivery Scouts) (Wave 3 - Deflector Heavys) (Wave 5 - Burst Fire Demos)

~Wave 1~
- Pyros and Delivery Scouts now spawn 2 seconds later
- Added a group of new robots, called "Jaguar Scouts", that spawn alongside Bowman Rapidfire Sniper. (16 bots/100 total cash)
- Reduced the Pyros' total dropped currency to 200 (from 300)
- Reduced the Delivery Scouts' total dropped currency to 400 (from 600)
- Removed the RPJr Demoman

~Wave 2~
- Increased the time before Super Scout spawns to 5 seconds (from 3 seconds)
- Pyro Pushers now spawn when the wave begins (from waiting 10 seconds)
- Increased the time between Super Scout spawns to 15 seconds (from 10 seconds)
- Reduced the Super Scouts' total dropped currency to 300 (from 600)
- The Giant Deflector Heavy now waits until all Super Scouts are dead to spawn (from all Pyro Pushers spawned)
- Increased the time before Giant Deflector Heavy spawns to 15 seconds (from 5 seconds)
- Added a group of Shotgun Heavies that spawn after all Super Scouts are dead. (24 bots/200 total cash)

~Wave 3~
- Fat Scout Heavies no longer crit
- Removed Expert Heavy's damage buff (was +50% bonus)
- Reduced the time between Heavy Swarm spawns to 4 seconds (from 6)

~Wave 4~
- Increased Captain Conch's health to 4500 (from 1500)
- Captain Conch now uses a Disciplinary Action, instead of a Shovel
- Reduced the Spaceman Pyros' total dropped currency to 200 (from 400)
- Changed the Spaceman Pyros' icon to a flaregun to better represent their weapon of choice
- Added a group of Desert Heat Pyros (flamethrowers with shorter and more damaging afterburn) that spawn alongside Spaceman Pyros. (24 bots/200 total cash)
- RPJr Demomen are now support robots
- Increased maximum number of RPJr Demomen out at one time to 3 (was 2)
- RPJr Demomen can now be backstabbed

~Wave 5~
- The Burst Fire Demomen now spawn before Rocket Spam Trio
- The Rocket Spam Trio no longer picks a random spawn, and spawns exclusively at "B"
- Added a group of "FAN-Tastic Scouts" (Force-a-Nature Scouts) that act as support throughout the entire wave
~~Map Changlelog~~
- Readded the second bomb because the playtesters were freaks that demanded a challenge.
- Fixed tanks not ending the wave when they drop the bomb
- Fixed tanks falling through the hatch
- Added a chicken wire cover over the bomb hole
- Began detailing, starting with the "B" dropsite and RED spawn.
- Added a new balcony for Engineers at "B" which is accessible via a box jump. This spot should be very useful when fighting tanks.
- Added observer points

~~Mission Changelog~~
- Most robots now have randomized spawnpoints. Some bosses and support classes do not have this change applied to them

~~ Wave 1 ~~

- Increased the number of Pyros that spawn to 24 (from 10)
- Increased the amount of money that the Pyros drop to 300 (from 100)
- Reduced the amount of money that the Rapidfire Bowman drops to 200 (from 400)
- RPJr Demomen no longer ignore the bomb, although they still can't pick it up
- RPJr Demomen now deal 6x normal damage (from 3x)
- Reduced number of RPJr Demomen that spawn to 1 (from 2)

~~ Wave 2 ~~
- The Mecha Engineers now wears a poncho and a sombrero because I find that hilarious

~~ Wave 3 ~~
- All Heavies in the "Heavy Swarm" now go after the bomb
- Fat Scout Heavies are now normal sized (from 15% smalled, or 85% total size)
- Fat Scout Heavies now have 200 health (from 175)
- Fat Scout Heavies now use a shotgun (from GRU)
- Added a stock melee Heavy to the Heavy Swarm, bringing the total number of heavy robots to 60 (from 48)

~~ Wave 5 ~~
- Replaced Sergeant Crits with a weaker, non-crit version named "Sergeant Spam" (12500 Hp)
- Increased number of Burst Fire Demomen to 45 (from 15) that spawn in groups of 7 (from 5)

~~ Wave 6 ~~
- Bosses now spawn one at a time, starting with Cabron Scout, then Dios Del Fuego Pyro, then finally Oso Ruso Heavy
- Added a 20k Tank that spawns alongside Oso Ruso
~~ Map Changelog ~~
- Fixed "A" forward upgrade station's door not working
- Detailed around "A"
- Detailed around "B"
- Detailed the back RED spawn (The Bar, aptly named "El agobiante adicción al alcohol")
- Fixed issue of the "A" sign at the "A" dropsite not rendering
- Made the light brighter by changing the sun angle
- Attempted optimization by wildly throwing hint brushes around
- Simplified "A" dropsite's geometry
- Added a second upgrade station at "B"
- Added 2 new doorways to remove sightlines
- Added a 3D skybox (Thanks, @Diva Dan!)
- Optimized some props

~~ Mission Changelog ~~

- Added "_intermediate" to the end of the mission file name to show the mission's difficulty
- Replaced Wave 1 with Wave 4, and vice-versa

~~ Wave 1 (Previously Wave 4) ~~
- Reduced number of Rapidfire Bowman Snipers to one (was originally 4)
- Reduced number of Delivery Scouts to 48, or 24 of each type (Was 60, or 30 each type)

~~ Wave 2 ~~
- Engineer robots no longer build teleporters when they spawn in

~~ Wave 3 ~~
- Heavy Swarm now starts immediately when the wave starts, instead of waiting for 2 seconds
- Heavy Swarm now takes 6 seconds to respawn (from 4)

~~ Wave 4 (Previously Wave 1) ~~
~ Lowered the tanks health to 17500 (from 25000)

~~ Wave 5 ~~
- Reduced Sergent Crits' health to 15000 (from 35000)
- Removed Sergent Crits' reload rate bonus (was 60% faster)
- Reduced Sergent Crits' clip size bonus to +3 (from +7)
- Reduced Sergent Crits' projectile speed bonus to 75% (from 130%)
- Fixed Burst Demo's accidental speed debuff

~~ Wave 6 ~~
- Bully Scouts now spawn in groups of 4 (from 5)
- Bully Scouts now spawn evey 10 seconds (from 15)
- Lowered Bully Scouts' health to 275 (from 350)
Special thanks to @Hydrogen, @BenCo, and the 'Potato's Custom MvM Servers' Group for helping me with this update! I really appreciate it!

Screenshots will get their own post, because this changelog is HUGE!

(P.S. to BenCo - I beat you to the compile this time, huh?)

~~Map Changelog~~

- Lowered the "B" dropzone by 128hu. BLU now has much less of a height advantage
- Extended BLU respawn rooms. The no longer attack before on the field.

- Slighty reworked the "A" and "B" dropzones
- Added some more signs to help guide player to each dropzone.
- Moved around some pre-existing signs to be less confusing
- Made the interior of the tank cave at "B" much larger.
- Nobuilt the rocks near the "B" dropzone
- Added a forward upgrade station by the "A" dropsite. One shall be added to the "B" dropsite soon
- Added some detail, mainly around the "A" dropsite.
- Reduced lighting in the easter egg room because it was too bright
- Clipped some stairs and props at playtester's requests.
- Fixed the multi-bomb problem by having the bomb start "somewhere else"
- Fixed spawndoors
- Added tank path
- Fixed stalemate on fail
- Fixed trigger_hurt not functioning properly
- Fixed respawnroom visualizers
- Added broken hatch model upon explosion (wave fail in other words)

~~Mission Changelog~~

~Wave 1~
- Replaced Major Crits with a 25000 health Tank (Gives 600 cash on destruction)
- Captain Conch's dropped currency has been lowered to 200 (From 500)
- Spaceman have been renamed to "Spaceman Pyro" to include it's class name
- Spaceman Pyro's fire rate bonus has been removed (was 30% faster)
- Spaceman Pyro's damage penalty was removed (was 50% less)
- Spaceman Pyro now spawn in the "A" spawn, instead of the "B" spawn

~Wave 2~
- Increased Support Engineer's primary cooldown to 15 seconds (from 2 seconds)
- Removed Pyro Pusher's "AlwaysCrit" attribute
- Increased number of Pyro Pushers to 35 (from 30)
- Replaced the custom "Super Fan Scout" with an official Valve version
- Removed the Giant Medic

~Wave 3~
- Removed all non-hat consmetics from all Heavy robots
- Lowered amount of Heavy robots to 12 per type (from 16 per type)
- Increased Giant Burst Fire Demo's health to 7500 (from 6500)

~Wave 4~
- Removed the Giant Medic
- Increased number of Rapid Fire Bowman to 4 (from 1). Spawn in groups of 2

~Wave 5~
- Reduced Rocket Spam Trio's move speed bonus to 50% (from 150%). Was reduced for testing, but is now official.
- Reduced Rocket Spam Trio's fire rate bonus to 35% (from 50%)

~Wave 6~
- Removed Bully Scout's "AlwaysCrit" attribute
- Removed Cabron's "AlwaysCrit" attribute
- Removed Dios Del Fuego's "AlwaysCrit" attribute
- Added "AlwaysCrit" attribute to Oso Ruso
- Increased Cabron's difficulty to "Hard" (From "Easy")
- Reduced Oso Ruso's damage bonus to 35% (from 150%)