Heavy Remake 2020-09-07

Remake of your heavy guy!

  1. BiedroN
    I've brought some HEAVY stuff right here. Last year pyro got his own refreshment, to be schematic I started working on our probably the most iconic class in the game. Remember that kind of war between pyro and heavy couple of years ago?... you know, about who will receive next big update. Pyro got is own update as a result, but what about the heavy? Well, we didn't receive his update to this day. That's why I've prepared heavy this year. Can we finally say, that we actually get Heavy Update? I hope you'll all enjoy it!

    This is my third attempt to refresh some of the mercs, this time its heavy turn!

    The model was made from scratch, giving him a brand new detailed look, more modern I would say. Model is even playable, all you need is copy files from .zip to your custom folder.

    Side note from the author: "72 hours for making some character is really little, to fully develop that kind of creation. My remake is not perfect at the moment; I really need to hurry before the end of time. Model have some disadvantages, but not serious. Maybe in the future I can develop more to this model. Thanks for understanding and have a great day! enjoy the model!"


    1. heavy_red.png
    2. heavy_blu.png
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