Headland A12

alpine themed koth map

  1. Probably the last alpha (A12)

    This is going to be the end of the alpha, If there are a few things I don't like I will change them in the beta coming out in a week or 2.

    Widened the first and second courtyard and opened up some choke points.
    Slightly increased cap time.
    Removed all rocks in mid.
    Added different cover.
    Clipped a few spots.
    Moved the far left exit to the first courtyard forward.
    Changed health pack locations.
    Removed most cover on the left ramp.
    Changed the left ramp to only have one ramp instead of 2.
    Fixed a few overlays not showing.
    Fixed a few clashing textures.
    Added cover in the right terrain.
    Changed lighting to ldr from hdr.
    Remade most of the displacements.

    Here are some screenshots:

    20161012115832_1.jpg 20161012115902_1.jpg 20161012115909_1.jpg 20161012115916_1.jpg 20161012115922_1.jpg 20161012115929_1.jpg 20161012115934_1.jpg 20161012115941_1.jpg 20161012115954_1.jpg 20161012120002_1.jpg 20161012120041_1.jpg
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