Headland A12

alpine themed koth map

  1. Finishing up the alpha and moving on to beta.

    I am finally going to finish up the alpha and if the gameplay works out well I will update it with a fully detailed version within the next week or two.

    I have removed the alpine stuff because I want to change the theme to something else.

    Reduced cap time to what I think will increase the intensity of the game.
    Reduced cover in mid.
    Moved the rock in mid to get rid of the cubby.
    Removed all alpine clutter outside the playable space.
    Did a bit of detail work on the right hut because it lacked any personality or really anything.
    Changed locations of health and ammo minorly.
    Did a bit of brushwork to help transforming it into beta.

    I wanted to make it easier to capture the point when it is lost and to buff the other areas.

    20161011105454_1.jpg 20161011105503_1.jpg 20161011105530_1.jpg
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