Headland A12

alpine themed koth map

  1. A10

    I just finished a bunch of things I think will help gameplay a lot and I used a few ideas from the feedback you guys gave to me.

    Changed left health pack location to make it more visible.
    Added an overlay under all health packs to make it easier to know where they are.
    Added barbed wire to the upper right area to stop people standing on it while allowing players to jump over it.
    Widened and opened the 2nd courtyard.
    Added a window to the left building to look onto the point.
    Added more cover on the entrance of the left building.
    Added a nook area on the bottom side of the control point.
    fixed a pixelwalk on the side of the logs on the control point.
    Removed small health pack on the right highground area.
    Raised the control point 20 hu.
    Raised the right highground area by 32 hu.
    Changed the displacement on the right to go up more.
    Improved lighting in a few areas.
    And a bunch of small changes.

    Here are some screenshots.

    a10-1.jpg a10-2.jpg a10-3.jpg a10-4.jpg a10-5.jpg a10-6.jpg
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