Haywire RC5

Payload map in the style of 2fort!

  1. Release Candidate 1

    After several map tests and feedback of friends, strangers, and enemies, the map is at a point where I am personally happy with it and seemingly others, too.

    I aim for this version to be final, but if the next test ends up with some technical issues, Ill obviously fix them.
    As far as looks and gameplay goes, these are very much final.
    Thanks for all the input and feedback to make Haywire as good as it can be!


    - Changed lightning a bit.
    - Changed the color of the wall around Last from red to white.
    - Lots of optimization!
    - Added frogs
    - Adjusted respawn time of BLU after capping first
    - Fixed the Announcer screaming the wrong lines when capping points as BLU.
    - Moved a support beam at the cave so people dont get stuck
    - Reduced the number of lights at BLU's primary spawn so it's less bright.
    - Added smoke.
    - Clipped some support beams so you dont get stuck anymore.
    - Moved some props so they dont float
    - Adjusted the metal plate at first so it isnt floating anymore
    - Adjusted HDR so it isnt burning your eyes away anymore.
    - Bot Support! Now you too can play Haywire without friends.

    Once again thanks a bunch for all the testing and the feedback!

    See you next map!
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