Haywire RC5

Payload map in the style of 2fort!

  1. Balancing and McJohn Water

    This Update is experimenting with the balancing of the map, as many have replied that both Second and Third arent really defendable.

    - Moved the first point into the hut with the deathpit
    --expanded the ground of the deathpit a bit
    - Moved the second point into the double hut with the sniper sightline blockers
    --Added a closed door to RED's forward spawn to block an unwanted sightline
    --Also added some props to block a sightline to prevent snipers sniping the point from their spawnroom
    -- The tunnel is now one way for the time RED has the third point under their control so BLU doesnt have an easy way of spawncamping.
    -Moved the third point ever so slightly back
    -Added a rollback area at:
    - The hill at BLU's spawn
    - The hill before third
    Added a rollforward area at:
    - The sledge at RED last
    - Blocked an unwanted sightline at RED Last under the slope.
    - Reduced the thickness of several roofs
    - Adjusted time and respawn times for better gameflow and to prevent rolls
    - Optimized the RED BREAD hut to prevent FPS loss
    - Made the generator infront of BLU's spawn solid
    - Scaled water texture up so it doesnt look weird anymore
    - The Payload Explosion now gibs people.
    - SWIFT WATER has gone bankrupt during the development of Haywire, say hello to MCJOHN WATER

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