Haywire RC5

Payload map in the style of 2fort!

  1. A Bitter Taste Of Sniper Sightlines and Optimization

    Hey. I've tested the map again and fortunately, most of the reactions were rather positive to both the looks and the gameplay! However there were still some hiccups, which I hope to have fixed in this patch.

    If nothing else comes up, chances are the next step will be the final release. Haywire has been taking up a large chunk of my time as of late, afterall.

    Either way, here is the Changelog:

    - Adjusted respawn times for the first point to give BLU a higher edge, even in unbalanced teams.
    - Added a variety of sniper sightline blockers to make sniper less powerful on the first point and reduce the amount of weird sightlines
    - Made certain areas of the map prettier
    - got rid of the stupid Cave-lights and replaced them with a lantern.
    - Explored the advanced technology of windowframes for the two windows on Last so people stop mistaking them as open windows.
    - Removed misleading arrows, added leading arrows to make the map less confusing
    - Added BLU patches on the payload track to give BLU players an easier way of orientating themselves.
    - Added a deathzone for the payload cart explosion!
    - Added Cameras for spectators! You no longer face a big, red texture when loading into the map, how great.
    - Added Clouds in the skybox so the sky doesnt feel as empty.
    - Added some buildings and fences in the pre-skybox area so it feels less empty.
    - Reworked the lightning! Goodbye black props, hello not black props.
    - The long, empty white corridor of BLU's initial spawn is no longer empty!
    - Added several nobuild areas so Engineers cant get out of the map via cheeky teleporters.
    - Optimized the map. People should no longer get FPS drops around A/B.

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