Haywire RC5

Payload map in the style of 2fort!

  1. Sightlines

    - Adjusted Respawn times again focusing on Third.
    - Fixed Supply Cabinet not working after capping second for BLU
    - Added an Extra Arrow around red's forward spawn that literally stands on the track so people cant avoid looking at it
    - Fixed some brush oddities
    - Moved spawns ever so slightly forward when capping second so BLU doesnt have to walk too much
    -Fixed several stupid and overly long sniper sightlines:
    At B:
    ---- Moved rock a bit so you cant snipe out of the hut anymore.
    ---- Added Planks to some walls and moved some walls to make sniping from the spawn area essentially impossible.
    ---At Last:
    ----Moved RED's left spawn exit below
    ----Added a fence to the exit of the hut to the left of the middle building
    ----Added a fence to the exit of the right spawn
    ----Added a "bridge" with a fence from the middle building to the right hut
    ----Added some planks to the exit of the hut left of C.
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