Haywire RC5

Payload map in the style of 2fort!

  1. A Jump To Beta

    I decided to call the alpha phase off and move to beta. Gameplaywise the map seems to be in a stable spot, however I will continue to make gameplay-adjustments when seen necessary, of course.
    With the jump to beta comes mostly textures for everything to the map doesnt look like a blocky mess, however smaller gameplay adjustments have been made aswell to make some stuff more balanced. The full changelog can be read below.

    - Textures for everything! Of course a lot of things will continue to look sloppy, especially the "stairs" which are just slopes, but there are no longer dev textures anywhere.
    - Adjusted RED and BLU respawn times.
    - BLU now received less time from capping first and second to prevent 9 minute last holds.
    - The building with the tunnel at last has been expanded in size and generally reworked.
    -- the "walls" before it have been removed as a consequence.
    - The middle tower at last no longer has a "door" to its left side and now simply has a pillar there to prevent a claustrophic and generally awkward feel to it.
    - Lots of ground has been replaced by dirt/grass.
    - Payload Tracks for the entire map.
    - The payload should now no longer defy gravity - and itll turn corners more smoothly as a bonus, too!
    - Upon capping Second, Doors will now appear to block other spawn entries. Unless you actively try to go the wrong way now, it should be essentially impossible to miss the right path.
    - Several playclips to make transitioning certain areas less blocky and weird.
    - Cow Jail
    I have updated the OP with new images of the Map aswell.
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