Haywire RC5

Payload map in the style of 2fort!

  1. Lotsa Changes.

    - Widened the area of the first Cap and added a new structure around the first Point/Spawn-shack
    - Moved Payload further so its less hidden
    - Added Arrows for both the RED and BLU team for less getting lost
    - Changed RED and BLU Spawns:
    --BLU's forward spawn has been replaced with a Shortcut door that gets unlocked after capping second
    --RED's forward spawn has been moved back a bit
    --Adjusted Respawn times accordingly
    -Added nobuild to water area
    -Added a big pillar with a Skull sign at the death pit for clearer visualization that its actually a death pit
    - Added patches on the ground where drops spawn
    - Added extra door at the building at Second for easier access to the payload
    - Fixed several brushwork oddities
    - Last has been reworked:
    --Added several openings at the "Last-Shack"
    --Expanded the tiny hut before it
    --Added another Building
    --gave RED access to the highground building
    -- reworked outer-area to a larger "bumpy" area and added drops
    --moved some drops
    -probably some more stuff I forgot about
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