Haywire RC5

Payload map in the style of 2fort!

  1. An actual map now.

    After having worked on the map for roughly a month to two non-stop, I'm happy to say that I'm finally done - not entirely of course, but the Map is very close to a releasable format, and all that's left is polishing.

    This update is essentially just this: Detailing. Props, doorframes, textures, details - everything to make the map look like an actual map and not a roblox prototype, there are other changes aswell, though, gameplay-related.

    - Updated the entire map with props, textures, details and essentially gave it an artpass!
    - Adjusted Respawn times for the third point to give BLU a slightly better edge.
    - Added a barrel around the second point to access the highground on the cement catwalk.
    - Adjusted the Playerclips so blast jumpers of any kind no longer get stuck.
    - Expanded the Tunnel around last
    - Moved the healthpack on the middle building of second
    - Re-designed interior of the In-door Deathpit Shack™ and added windows, alongside of a secret window to rocket jump up to
    - Fixed getting stuck around the Spawn Door of RED's forward spawn

    - Figure out several lightning issues.
    - Fix any kind of exploit that might pop up
    - Make the skybox-area a little bit prettier since im not that happy with it.
    - Actual release

    I've updated the OP with Screenshots of the new map look; Any feedback is appreciated!
    20180208224503_1.jpg 20180208224517_1.jpg 20180208224545_1.jpg 20180208224624_1.jpg 20180208224640_1.jpg 20180208224647_1.jpg 20180208224705_1.jpg 20180208224713_1.jpg 20180208224732_1.jpg 20180208224753_1.jpg 20180208224816_1.jpg 20180208224850_1.jpg
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