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Added a vent system and a hole in the "fake respawnroom" to make it easier to get to the point
one floating ammo box made me realise i forgot to mirror a wall
just look at the a9 patch notes
-The spawn is now bigger and clearly destroyed
-Added smoother brush walls to reduce prop spam
-The lake now has a very smooth sand floor and the fallen fence makes sense
-Did some detailing and added some secrets to make the map feel less symmetrical (even if it is gameplay wise)
-Added metal around the covering pipes on the leap from Blu base to the point.
-Better clipping
-You no longer take fall damage if you drop down from the flank and miss the generator (just walk down instead of jumping)
Did some details, fixed clipping and obstructed sightline to point.
made upper base better yay also added smoke and stuff
Update title is pretty self explanatory.

also it's a6a instead of a6 because i like messing around with file names.
Okay this one isnt a vmf lets try again
did some lighting fixes
also a4 is a pretty big update check it out
Hayheights is a Harvest-style king of the hill map where you fight over an overgrown tower that is the last hope for blue to get their blown-up base back to work.