Hat Factory 55

A 3 stage payload that is themed as a whimsical factory where the Mann Co makes hats

  1. Optimizations and design changes and more.

    I've continued to polish the first two stages of the map: both in decoration as well as getting the spaces tuned properly. [or trying to]

    The map now has new voiceovers that i cobbled together from half-life once annoucer vocabulary.. The VOX.

    The Stage B has been redesigned. The robot arm has been removed and a new teleport system has been installed. This allowed me to revisit the timing here and was able to tighten it up quite a bit.

    New hat fx have been sprinkled through the first two stages of the map.

    new lighting in the first two spawn buildings has been installed and look nicer.

    water level has been made consistant as well and removed any hurt brush areas.

    the map is now bot friendly if you'd like to spin it up to try it out. they do ok with stage one. stage two needs more bot tuning. stage 3 is a bit of aq cluster for them too. but they do ok.
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