Hardwood rc1b

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RC1b - workshop release version.
Lighting errors and some other minor issues fixed, and updated menu photos.
Fixed a big rendering issue, added menu photos, updated some detailing, and fixed up areaportals.
Release candidate. One test on tf2m servers to check performance then I will either upload this or rc1a to the workshop.

- (hopefully) improved performance,
- fixed some render bugs, some do remain though
- 15 more seconds on map start and on A cap (for +30 seconds total)
- roof tiles on A for better jumping
- raised height of some roofing
- improved lighting and detailing around C
- reduced length of ramp flank room at C
- numerous detailing adjustments
- numerous small bug and clipping fixes

Thank you to each and every person who's taken the time to leave feedback over the past 3 or so years for this map.


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Accidentally changed OnTrigger to OnUser4 for blu spawns moving to C..blu spawns have been fucked for both b5a tests without me realising unfortunately.
This update fixes that, everything else will come for rc1 once a friend finishes work on vis optimisation.
Helping engineers on A and B
Minor clipping and bug fixes too
Removed B rock jump, i didnt like how it broke the upper lobby for blu
added window on B for red
reduced B and C cap times
more optimisation
more clipping
more C detailing
new setup gates (ty emil)
maybe more
Updated detailing around C primarily (and detailed forward spawns)
Added some new prop fades
Improved clipping
Fixed miscellaneous bugs with the skybox and props
Updated hint brushes
Tried to highlight lower route on C better
For this update, I've made a lot of small improvements to optimisation;
- implemented propfades for most of the props in the map
- added areaportal windows
- cut down on excessive numbers of rock props
- replaced a lot of sequoias in the skybox with displacement cards

and gameplay;
- full map clipping pass (should be a lot better)
- made a full ammo on C into a medium to help blue a little
- blocked red vision of left blue flank to the red highground on B; this should hopefully help blue both push in, and set up proper defense against red players trickling through and getting behind blue team
- custom props missing collisions should be fixed with this update too.

Hopefully this won't introduce many new issues.
Thank you to those on tf2maps and THG who tested b2, and to Defcon for some optimisation feedback,
Nearly 10 months since beta 1 released, 3 years 9 months since the original release, and 46 versions later; beta 2 is complete. Most detailing should be finished by now, and optimisation is now the main thing I'll be looking at. Thank you to everyone who's given feedback along the way.

Asset credits:
thin pines - Diva Dan
sequoias - EArkham
cap point base, C point hero props, cables, and winches - Emil Rusboi

Fixing clipping at C and B, and adding chickenwire on fences at A - thanks @Gravidea for pointing these out