Half Open Coconut 1.0

Made by Fantasmos

  1. Fantasma

    Long ago, I made a promise to this site, a promise I was scared I will never keep. Now nearly 12 months later I finally deliver a grand creation for all to see, A HALF-OPEN COCONUT

    Feel free to edit as much as possible, I would love to see a retextured version of this as I hastily made it.

    I also recommend making it a prop_physics_override to make it bounce around like the awesome half-open coconut it is.

    Completely redid model, it is a lot smaller and has a proper texture. Less flashy in some areas, but more of a learning experience and I've run out of time.


    1. 2014-06-26_00004.jpg
    2. 2014-06-26_00006_8xX.jpg
    3. 2014-06-26_00007.jpg
    4. 2014-06-26_00008.jpg
    5. 2014-06-26_00009.jpg