haboob a7

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Clipped hole on wall
Made prop part of torches non-solid
Added some signage at mid
Lowered mid point onto low ground
Clipped the platform connecting the highground path to mid
Added two (2) small ammos at mid
Gave blu appropriate torches
Modified the transition building
Closed off the hole and added it to the other side
Added a doorway on the bottom
Added a platform inside
Shrunk to make room for an open area
Added some supports to some wooden platforms
Removed some redundant space at mid
Fixed some clipping
Retextured the pillars at mid
Removed the medium ammo and small health near the mid point
Wider highground at mid
Remodeled the displacements at mid
Updated team goal string to make sense
mid is now symmetrical
increased attacker respawn time to 7
increased defender respawn time to 7.5
made it easier for defenders to reach the high route
Reworked mid to be less spammy and more open + added 2 small healths at mid aswell
Modified the rock ramp at spawn to hide the hole
toned down environment brightness
sewed some seems
reduced spawn time of defenders by 3
Reworked the triple small ammo building as I now know what to do with it
Added a ramp along the trench route to get onto high ground for defenders
clipped off the roofs of the buildings at last
fixed some z-clipping
fully sealed skybox to properly section off portions of the map (cannot confirm)
lowered torch volume from 10 to 5
properly sewed displacements
changed Pitch Yaw Roll to reduce shadows over areas of gameplay
defenders now get longer respawn times