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I'll be removing the screenshots today, as they don't properly reflect the current version. They're also grainy and unpleasing to the eye.


- Greatly extended map length
- Added another exit to spawn
- Clipped the tower in middle of the map
- Added 2 "mini-points"

- Changed the way the point works. It now disables for a short while after someone leaves it. It also kills everyone in a small radius. I'll change this to a more Watergate-style method of capture next version

- Moved the grinder down a bit
- The guise has begun to slip, as the map file nearly tripled in size. The laser has been revealed.
- Lowered the middle area
- Reworked the "Sewer" and "Train" areas slightly
- Today's update provided by "Cryptic Bullshit Inc. - Providing Cryptograms and Bullshit since 18XX!". We'll stop doing business with them.