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ive honestly forgotten what i changed
- Fixed a logic error with the control point.
- Fixed an error with team filters.
- Improved general clipping.
- Blocked bullets on the locked door under spawn because it was traumatising Darren that he could shoot through it.
- Totally rebuilt mid. The boring ramp thing has been replaced by a neat hut.
- Rethemed to a jungle style.
- Introduced colours other than grey.
- Cut off the two main sightlines in the map (the one between spawns across the point and the diagonal one between the Sniper spots)
- Changed the layout of the right-angled building to break the visline between spawn and mid and did some optimisation around it.
- Rotated the ramp up to the right-side high ground to make it more appealing to players leaving spawn.
- Improved lighting in all indoor areas.
- Moved around the health and ammo kits to encourage people to take the right-side route and to retreat under the bridges.
- Fixed an exploit where teleporters could be built in spawn.
- Made it so you can no longer place building on rooftops and most of the high ones are now inaccessible.
- Increased the speed of all the doors so you can't snag on them anymore.
- Improved the clipping on the shelters by the control point.
- Shifted some of the fences about to block Sniper sightlines.
- Added an invisible wall under the lip of the slanted roof so it's easier to jump onto.
- Changed the window frame models to make it more obvious which windows can be shot through and which cannot.
- Smoothed out displacements all around the map.
- Added more signs.
- General optimisation. Segmented the map's skybox more to prevent unnecessary rendering.
- Minor detailing improvements.
- Turned the leaning shovel in spawn the other way up because it was just too distressing for 14bit having it handle-down.
made it koth

wasn't worth it tbh