Groundlab a2

Underground arena map

  1. Hyperion
    A little bit different map. Whole map is in underground sciencelab and only little sunlight can be seen. There is no people left, lab is abandoned. Just two teams, no mercy.

    I may make koth version of this, just have to change it a little. I think you could like koth more :)

    ToDo: get some playtest, add some creepiness, maybe reduce health/ammo, take new screenshots

    Also, the map may be too big for arena. Have to see.

    The map is not so dark what screenshots show. Ingame you can see everything easily.


    1. 2015-11-14_00006.jpg
    2. 2015-11-14_00007.jpg
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Recent Updates

  1. Bigger and hopefully better
  2. Packed custom files