Greenstone B1_reupload

Now with less Jimijam :(

  1. Tidepool is now Greenstone!

    The map is now in Beta!

    Tidepool has been renamed to Greenstone, after being rebuilt from the ground up in the Mayan theme. Two teams battle over a temple they each plan to use for their own nefarious purposes...

    Tug-of-War gamemode advice by fubarFX, who also provided specific entities for this map. Author of other TOW maps Dogbread and Effigy.
    Includes many assets found in the Mayann Content Pack. Special thanks to YM for his maps Ququmannz and Sacrifice, which I used for reference.
    Torch particles and prefab, as well as very helpful map suggestions, by Exactol.
    Nuclear Waste texture by Void.
    Compiled and packed with handy ol' CompilePal, made by Freyja.
    A shout-out to all the Steam chatters and other TF2Maps members who've helped me resolve issues with the map. Here is one particularly helpful thread, which includes advice from tyler.

    Imgur album of screenshots.

    -Map completely rebuilt. Layout changes throughout.
    -Map is now Mayan-themed.
    -:jimijam: poster removed. It will live on in the hearts of many.

    Other notes:
    -I'm not sure if I used any Swamp Pack content that weren't already in the game files. Everything should be packed, but I may need to credit some other people down the road.
    -The soundscape isn't working, for some reason. I let it go for B1.
    -I also need to fix the Announcer lines, per YM's advice.
    -3D skybox is there, but temporary.
    -My guess is that there will be sightline/hectic fighting issues with this update layout. Gonna see how it plays anyways.
    -Probably going to post a request for a custom payload cart pretty soon.
    -The map is repacked.
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