72hr "Green Isn't Creative"

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  1. Dr. Maxxis
    "Green isn't Creative"
    By Dr. Maxxis a.k.a 4oureyes

    This....Wasn't easy. To explain! The Lighting itself was a pain, not to mention the posing and fingers, It was very difficult to properly light this the way I wanted so eventually I had to scrap and move on. I had returned with a open mind and thought that what I made wasn't very creative, and then I remembered "DHMIS" (Hence the title) so I based the image to be green and something a little out of the ordinary, like the series, and here we are now.... Scroll to the Bottom 72hrMedic.png 72hrScout.PNG 72hrSpy(Final).png

Recent Reviews

  1. Spencer_Kritzkrieg
    Good work. I like the reference.
    1. Dr. Maxxis
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the Review!
  2. Butter Knife Surgeon
    Butter Knife Surgeon
    Very Nice, I read the word "green" in the title and thought that this was going to be another lime cosmetic loadout post, but this is something much better.
    1. Dr. Maxxis
      Author's Response
      Thanks a Bunch! I was planning on making all 9 Classes but eventually i had to sleep after staying awake working on a plethera of Things! I understand the "Lime Green" struggle, I'm more of a White and Black type of guy.