Graveyard (Lumberyard Event)

Graveyard (Lumberyard Event) b13

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I had a complete brain spasm and uploaded a totally broken version, so I fixed b13 and regressed back to it
B14 is an update I forgot to add here that I put on the workshop version

-Removed erroneous coffin that existed for no reason
-Replaced some textures with improved edits
-Added more clips to smoothen corners
-Replaced concrete block in the yard with a white truck
-Fixed the windows on red side to match the balance of blue side
-Updated pickup truck models
  • Removed erroneous coffin that existed for no reason
  • Replaced some textures with improved edits
  • Added more clips to smoothen corners
  • Replaced concrete block in the yard with a white truck
  • Fixed the windows on red side to match the balance of blue side
  • Updated pickup truck models
  • The Lightning Ball spell, along with various exploits, can no longer be used to retrigger the Last Man Standing effect in the same round
  • Fixed missing sounds and effects for the random spell spawning event
  • Clipped the tops of the pine trees
  • Removed floating support above the control point
  • Various clipping and prop adjustments
  • Added a delay to the spawning of the skeleton king
  • Tweaked the texture of the ghosts
  • Fixed misaligned clipping on stairs and gates
  • Fixed z fighting walls
  • Changed the normal announcer/Blutarch lines for Merasmus ones, making them all Merasmus
  • Added voiceover for the spell spawn event
  • Undid the rare spell game text change
  • Added loading screen photo collage and mission briefing

  • Fixed missing church signs
  • I also forgot "b10a" but its been a long day
B10 marks the state where I consider the map polished enough to be put on the workshop. This won't be the last update, as there's still some work to be done (mainly on the audio side of things), but other than that, the gameplay and aesthetics of the map are pretty much done for now!

I've got a lot of work I'm juggling at the moment, so I'm not running off to celebrate quite yet. However I am very excited to hear feedback about the map. I'm going to be recording gameplay of the map to use on the workshop, which may or not be it's own test session- to be determined. Anyway!

Patch Notes-
  • Fixed more collisions, clipping, and perches
  • Fixed the sounds for spell spawns being too loud
  • Fixed users on <dx90 having a white overlay when becoming a ghost
  • Fixed a case of players being awarded a common Last Man Standing spell after a round has ended
  • Fixed the death pit not being removed during FB rounds
  • The random skeleton king can no longer happen on the first round
  • Changed the random spell prompt to tf_game_text from game_text
  • ACTUALLY fixed the spell spawn particle
  • Added gargoyle spawns
  • Fixed some minor prop clipping
  • Added more signs and changed some vehicles
  • Added lots of clipping around the map
  • Returned the yard tree to a stump
  • Removed some foliage for performance and visibility
  • Covered the windows in the sliding middle doors with black glass
  • Detailed most of RED side, a well as the church interiors and middle interior








  • Detailed the yard building into a flower shop

  • Added RTX raytracing to the church windows


  • Removed lightning for performance
  • Did loads of de-cluttering for optimization and easier movement
  • Removed redundant or unnecessary light sources
  • Added a purple Uber overlay to the screens of ghosts
  • Fixed console spam caused by the spellspawn.mp3 file
  • Fixed some balance plugins breaking by renaming the map to pd_
  • Fixed the spellspawn particles sometimes having incorrect orientation
  • Fixed feedback rounds causing a server crash from edict overloads
  • Detailed the middle point room + OOB below the control point




  • Fixed broken tutorial text on round start
  • Slightly increased size of ghost healing trigger
  • Added a small health kit to the second floor of both churches
  • Changed courtyard health kits into medium kits and moved them further out

  • Fixed various windows across the map, turning their frames non-solid and clipping them off
  • Darkened some lights that were too bright
  • Lightened the lighting on the roof of the center building
  • Last man standing now receives a common spellbook
    • If they are already holding a rare spell, it will not be overridden
  • Fixed weird file issue