Gored rc1a

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Gored rc1a

Halloween version of cp_gorge

Originally started as an attempt to learn new skills, this quick artpass of the facade housing capture point B of cp_gorge quickly turned into a complete re-imagining of the setting in a super spooky halloween theme.

I hope you all enjoy, and make sure not to trip on any of the candles I have lazily thrown around or get blown up by pumpkin-bombs.

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Attack/Defense CP
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Latest reviews

I like this map more than the original Gorge, it fixes a lot of the original map's flaws and such.

I really wish Valve kept the name "Gored" instead of just generic "Gorge Event". I think maybe we should make Valve change it, that is if they'll listen to us.
Well done reskin, and also fixed a few issues the original map had. I love it!
Probably the single best reskin I've ever seen.
My favorite unofficial Halloween map.
probably the best event map ever imo
An amazing reskin of cp_gorge. Everything looks completely different and still the same, exactly how a reskin should be. Some interesting effects create an immersive atmosphere that would make this map fit right into Scream Fortress.