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Goodwater v2

A jungle themed reskin of badlands

  1. Spebby

    Love Badwater, but sick of the dusty desert theme? Well, you have Goodwater! A Jungle/Forest reskin of Badwater!
    Currently, the map is still early in the creation cycle. Area Portals aren't implemented because Area Portals are annoying to work with (mainly its because I used a decompiled version of Badwater and the decompile broke all the Area Portals, I will get around to doing them. For now, the map is semi optimised with hint blocks)
    I'm pretty sure that any medium range computer should be able to handle it just fine. (My computer is a medium end computer running the game at high-ultra settings)

    Fun fact: This map started out as a joke between me and some of my "friends".

    Uses Abandoned Pack Items
    The Pack also has the Missing Forest Rocks
    It also requires Heyo's Jungle Assets
    I will make sure to compile them in. That way you don't need to do any installing. However, CompilePal is being annoying and I can't compile them without it crashing. So, for now, you have to manually install it.


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