Gnomebomb Prefab

Gnomebomb Prefab vscript_a1

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Gnomebomb Prefab vscript_a1

Ode to Joy not included

Took the gamemode of the same name from the PvZ shooters and ported them to TF2

Tried to make it as similar as possible to the original gamemode while remaining within the constrainsts of TF2 gameplay

Gameplay Loop:
Each side has 3 towers that the opposing team must destroy in order to win, to do this a gnome spawns in one of three random locations along the middle of the map. This gnome must be delivered to an enemy tower and planted, then it must be defended until it explodes destoying the tower and netting a point for your team. If the gnome is defused then the process is aborted and the game resets.

The gnome respawns and this process is repeated until one team has destroyed all 3 towers.

To prevent stalemates, once 15 minutes has passed the team who has destroyed the most towers wins but if both sides have destroyed the same amount of towers then overtime is activated where planting the gnome will result in immediate victory.

Stalemates can still arise despite these measures and what can be described as a "Marathon" game of gnome bomb will play out where rounds will last for hours.

Main differences:
As planting and defusing is handled by a capzone these processes can now be sped up as a collective with the help of your team rather than being instant and being an individual effort respectively
Due to being able to drop the flag with L, the gnome exploding on its own when it is first picked up doesn't reset upon pickup to prevent camping or hogging
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    BIGGER BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE Now no longer will you need to manage 1 gnomemillion entities and spam I/O everywhere A majority of the gamemode has been condensed into a singular .nut file that will handle everything for you the things in the...
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    Thanks to Chibby for informing me of a bug that lets you continuosly plant a gnome on the same tower after its already destroyed Updated the commentary Made the texture of the brush of the towers block bullet and not trigger Added block light...

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