Glacier RC6

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well I have nothing to say but its a gud map.
Im no expert so I cant tell how the map would flow or how it would play out, however based on looks, this is 5/5. Amazing detail, originality, structure, theme, ect.
Visually and gameplay wise a nice map.
Great! It's unique, looks pretty and is fairly balanced!
Awesome map overall. Great aesthetic and great map design.
I absolutely love Glacier, a terrific map which I wish was played more often in the community, especially Europe, as I struggle to find somewhere to play it. Lovely theme, visuals, and play.
Even though i wasn't able to play this map outside of med vs engi gamemode, visuals are amazing! Level of believability and realism is so high that i want to sit in one of the shacks, wrapped in a blanket , with a mug of cocoa
MAN IS THIS GOOD! I will credit you adn add this server!