Gibson B6

A night time desert map

  1. b6

    changelog B6
    -changed a roof at mid
    -made side area at mid smaller
    -removed the path from trains to platforms at mid so only solly's, demos and scouts can get there
    -removed some props at mid
    -small detail changes
    -removed a small path and roof
    -some other stuff i forgot
  2. updated for comp thingy

    so this map will be tested in a competitive setting so i updated it after someone did a review of it

    changelog B5
    -added cover at the balconies near mid
    -removed some useless space
    -added a small route from one of spawn routes to the train platform
    -updated description
    -some other small stuff i forgot
  3. Guitars!!!!!

    changelog b4
    -added different kinds of guitars that act as easter eggs
    -changed some overlays and removed them
    -small skybox changes
    -some other stuff i forgot
  4. b3 update

    changelog b3
    -added more spytech stuff
    -more optimization and clipping
    -other bug fixes
  5. stuff

    changelog b2
    -Added logs near the point so you can see where the capture trigger is
    -Added loading screen photos
    -Added more cameras
    -Added more lights
    -Some more stuff