Ghostly War Paint 2.2(Final)

Halloween War Paint

  1. 2.2 - Final Version

    Now Ghostly War Paint available for all weapons and thats final version of War Paint.

    If you want to download and play with that Warp Paint, please read instruction:
    If you want to play with that War Paint you must know, thats a resking of Wrapped Reviver Mk.II and you must play only with that War Paint painted weapons.
    1. Download Warp Paint file here or on Gamebanana.
    2. After downloading unzip folder on SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom
    3. Play! (thats a resking of Wrapped Reviver Mk.II)
    Download final version on here (on tf2maps) or download and support on Gamebanana:

    Also vote on Steam Workshop:

    Thanks for downloading and rating! =)


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