Geyser A5

Geyser /dinosaur bone themed payload map.

  1. pl_geyser_a5

    A5 is finally out after months of work. The final/2nd stage was added which includes about 60% new content plus many updates to the first stage.

    Updates to A5 below:
    - 2nd/final stage added (two stages, 5 points total.) Map is now complete for layout outside of future testing.
    - Geysers have been added (can affect gameplay/players.)
    - Some structures updated on the 1st stage
    - More optimization to first stage
    - Cart track/movements smoothed out in some places
    - Red building in the first...
  2. pl_geyser_a4

    A4 Updates include:
    -Fixed blue spawn
    -Cart now heals blue
    -Windows added to blue spawn and slight changes to spawn
    -Back red building on 1-2 has been reformed
    -Long flank hallway changed to feel shorter and more cover - Door added to open after 1-1 is capped.
    -More consistent lighting
    -Removed health from red back platform
    -Reworked top hallway to make it slightly shorter and more optimal to take
    -Geyser sprites should be fixed
    -Added final displacement to beginning area
    -Overlays added for...
  3. pl_geyser_a3

    Chang log:
    -Added tunnel going from first point to second to Blu's advantage
    -Added cover to tunnel going to 1-2 to lower snipe lines
    -Added more space to 1-2 area
    -Added pipes (brush placeholders) as extra walkway and cover
    -Made ledges more distinct to show what can be jumped on and what can
    -More optimization
    -Fixed cart turning on 1-2 at the end
    -Added water and made ramps more distinct
    -Added some cover in a few areas
    -Made stairs less harsh to walk up going to upstairs area leading to...
  4. pl_geyser_a2

    -Fixed Red Spawn door filter issue
    -Fixed lighting prop in red spawn to come off of wall