Geoteknik pro_rc1a

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- gave that one console prop clipping again
- added a catwalk from the lg spawn to the RA spawn
- added a new kritz spawn in the dm version
- added clipping to low ground on mid
map received a full artpass
- courtesy of applecakey, who did an amazing job at it (xoxo)

modified health pickups around the map
- removed pills next to red armour
- removed pills near yellow armour
- replaced pills near rockets with 1 small health pack
beta artpass coming soon btw
put up a commentary on the map so far on my yt channel
it's an afps map so like who cares anyway
- detailed mid
- removed the ammopack under lg since it was quite redundant
- removed the ammopack on the top left side since it was too difficult to reach without going flying past
- added an ammopack to the left of mid, hopefully should be easier to get
- changed the jumppad at the bottom of mid to not reset player movement for more control in the air
- made the lift near nails way way faster
- swapped spawn positions for shotgun/nades to have a more even distribution of area denial weapons across the map
- added a pillar near where red armour will be to make it more difficult to dodge rockets/lg when stood there
- made the jump pads look sick as fuck :)